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A food based mutual aid project led by the community for the community!

Red Apples
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Community Fridge Donation Guidelines


Sunrise Fridge

320 Madison St

Hosted by Reba Place Church

Freedom Fridge

619 West Howard St

Hosted by Palmhouse 619

Soul Fridge

1601 Payne St

Hosted by Soul & Smoke

CNE Fridge

1335 Dodge Ave

Hosted by CNE



"Evanston Fight for Black Lives said its community fridge is “meant to provide food to those who want it, no questions asked.'"

Evanston Roundtable, 3/22/21

"The fridge is intended to act as a form of mutual aid where all community members can take and add food."

Daily Northwestern, 3/21/21

Chicago Tribune, 3/23/21

"There will be no income or residency prerequisites for using the fridge, which will be open to members both inside and outside the Evanston community."

Daily Northwestern, 2/19/21


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